The Real-Time Systems Laboratory (ReTiS Lab) is one of the world's leading research teams in the area of embedded real-time systems, time critical scheduling algorithms, advanced operating systems and adaptive resource management. The group is directed by Prof. Giorgio Buttazzo, was established in 1993, and it is currently composed of 30 people, including 5 faculty members, 10 research associates and 15 PhD students.

The ReTiS group has been involved in many European research projects related to several aspects of real-time computing, including scheduling, operating systems support for embedded systems, design methodology and tools for real-time applications, real-time control software for cloud computing, multicore and heterogeneous platforms with FPGAs. The ReTiS Lab has also made important contributions by producing drones for precision agriculture and wearable sensors for telemedicine.



Current research activities at the ReTiS lab include:

  • Scheduling algorithms
  • Adaptive resource management
  • Design of cyber-physical systems
  • Open source real-time operating systems
  • Design Methodologies and tools
  • Automatic code generation
  • Real-time communication protocols
  • Energy-aware computing

Current research activities at the NoES group include:

  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Computer vision for embedded devices
  • Vehicular Networks