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Life Cycle Thinking (LCT)


LCT (Life Cycle Thinking) research area has been developed in response to the growing interest of scientific community, institutions and enterprises regarding environmental performances assessment, in order to combine sustainability and economic goals. In addition, its research activity responds to the growing attention to a clear, transparent and science-based environmental ‘business-to-consumer’ communication, as a tool to improve trust between consumers and enterprises.


LCT area main research topics are Life Cycle Management in enterprises strategy and operation, green consumption (including its drivers and barriers), environmental communication and green marketing.  LCT research group is specialized in LCA, LCC, S-LCA methodologies and in PEF, OEF and CFP methodologies applied to products, enterprises and supply chains.

Research methodology

LCT area selects its research methodology on the basis of the specific research questions to answer. Consequently, LCT research group employs qualitative research methodologies, (e.g. case study and process study), but also quantitative research (e.g. surveys and experiments) and engaged scholarship methodologies.
LCT area applies a co-creation approach aimed to reduce the gap between research and practice.

Projects and partners

LCT area manages European and national projects, as well as projects funded by private associations and enterprises. Its most recent European projects are LIFE MAGIS and LIFE EFFIGE, focused on the use and communication of PEF methodology, and Horizon ALCHIMIA, focused on LCA. LCT area worked with the National Packaging Consortium CONAI on circular consumption trends, and with GS1 Italy in BC4ENV project, aimed at developing an application to communicate environmental footprint of products through a barcode/QR-code.


LCT team’s activities involve a wide number of stakeholders, including various enterprises supported in adopting LCM approaches for their activities and in developing a correct environmental communication.
The team participates in many events and conferences and was awarded with Assoutenti 2022 prize for its role in drafting the Circular Consumer Charter (Carta del Consumo Circolare), which represented the outcome of an engagement process involving 18 Italian consumers associations.