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Environmental Management and Industrial Symbiosis (EMIS)

SuM - emis

EMIS (Environmental Management and Industrial Symbiosis) research area supports enterprises in developing innovative solutions to improve their environmental performances and in drafting cooperative and environmental models of governance in industrial districts and areas.


EMIS group main research topics are the organizations’ environmental management, as well as the territorial environmental management. Its research activities in these fields also include environmental management and industrial symbiosis, eco-industrial parks management, sustainable tourism, but also sustainability in sport events, which is the focus of a dedicated research team in EMIS group.

Research methodology

EMIS group uses qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, aiming at analyzing the projects findings, in order to make these results relevant for academic studies as well.

Projects and partners

EMIS research group has been involved in European projects in many different programs, such as Horizon Europe, Life, Erasmus+, Interreg Europe and COSME. Among the most significant projects, one can mention: ENHANCE, aiming to apply EMAS as a tool to develop circular economy strategies in enterprises activities, TOURISME, focused on promoting environmental certification for SMEs in tourism industry, and TACKLE, focused on environmental management in professional football. In addition, EMIS cooperated with UEFA on the implementation of circular economy principles to the Champions League Final, as well as with Juventus on the assessment of its environmental footprint.


EMIS projects and activities produced significant results at the territorial level, contributing to disseminate methodologies, approaches and tools to enhance environmental management of organizations and territorial areas.