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Corporate Social Responsibility and resilient communities (CSR)



This area works on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the private sector, and on the 2030 Agenda implementation in the public sector. In particular, CSR research branch supports enterprises in non-financial reporting processes and in defining enterprises sustainability strategies.
In public sector, the research group supports the implementation of Agenda 2030 at local and regional level, supporting the definition of local strategies for addressing climate change.

Research methodology

CSR research group uses qualitative research methodologies, mainly based on Action Research principles. Its documentary analysis activity is supported by the use of NVivo software.

Projects and Partners

Some of CSR area past projects are:

  • Unicoop Tirreno Sustainability Report: In this project, CSR area supported Unicoop Tirreno in drafting a Sustainability Report assessing SDGs impacts.
  • Toscana Sostenibile: The project aimed to define a Regional Sustainability Strategy and its implementation at local level.
  • UISP Social Report: CSR area defined a model for a Social Report for UISP Italia, aligned with Third Sector legislative framework.
  • Lucca Sostenibile: In this project, CSR area developed a set of activities aimed to define tools and actions to fight climate change at urban level.


The CSR group activities aim to foster responsible business models and to disseminate related good practices, contributing to reach SDG 12 objectives.

Furthermore, these activities aim at increasing communities resilience (SDG 11) and their capability to adapt to climate changes and to tackle its consequences (SDG 13).