The Ph.D. in Innovation Management, Sustainability and Healthcare offers a three-year training course of advanced research. It trains students for academic careers and qualified managerial positions in public and private institutions.

The course focuses on the most relevant topics of management, together with its theoretical background, especially from the methodological point of view, allowing students to conduct research activities in the field of social sciences.


The PhD. in Management of Innovation, Sustainability and Healthcare is an advanced post graduate program on topics related to:

• management of innovation: development and adoption of advanced technologies, technology transfer, creation of new companies, analysis of firms’ performance and competitiveness, institutions and local, regional and national systems from an international perspective; Open Innovation;

• sustainability: environmental management, renewable energy management, quality of food and tourism supply chain management;

• healthcare management: development of governance and tools for: supporting professionals operating in the healthcare systems; managing innovation in social-health assistance; evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the healthcare systems and the related firms to deliver services in line with the population needs.

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