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Our projects to create positive impact on society

management - impatto e terza missione

The Institute of Management aims to generate a positive impact on society. This influence can be related to different aspects: firstly, the academic-scientific contribution. IdM scholars’ research activities cover three very important areas: innovation, sustainability and healthcare. Those are areas which have a crucial impact on countries’ competiveness, the quality of life of billions of people and the research of sustainable solutions for the reduction of inequalities.

We are very proud of our researchers who, since many years, contribute to knowledge creation in these fields. The spreading of their researches through international publications is giving food for thought and practical applications to a broad academic community.

We are also very eager in creating a concrete and relevant socio-economic impact through several different channels; one of these is education. Hundreds of young students have been trained at the Institute of Management, and now they have key positions in important companies and institutions.

Even professors from the Institute carry on very distinguished roles at national and international level and, every day, at the Institute a relevant and intensive training activity is conducted for managers and employees of private companies, hospitals and public institutions. For example, IdM professors are President of Netval (Italian Network of Technology Transfer Offices of Universities and Public Research Organizations), Co-director of the Confucio Institute for the relationships with China, etc.