Joint laboratories

Translational Neurorehabilitation Laboratory

The Translational Neurorehabilitation Laboratory provides a closer interaction between basic neuroscientists, neural and rehabilitation engineers, and clinical neurologists. Our mission is to expand current understanding of brain function and disease by performing preclinical experiments on animal models of nervous system disorders, and translate this knowledge into novel therapies by developing innovative robotic and ICT-based applications.

Current research activities include: study of brain function after stroke (anatomy, electrophysiology, behaviour); robot-based motor rehabilitation in a rodent model of stroke; epilepsy-induced modifications of visual function; closed-loop detection and suppression of epileptic seizures.


Principal Investigator:

Prof. Silvestro Micera

Locations and Contacts:

Via Giuseppe Moruzzi, 1 - 56124 Pisa 
Phone: 050-3153206 


Recent Publications: