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The MOTU project is a collaboration between The BioRobotics Institute of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, INAIL National Workers’ Compensation Prosthetic CenterFondazione Don Gnocchi and Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering Guglielmo Marconi (University of Bologna).

The global goal of the project is to perform research activities to design, develop and clinically validate a novel paradigm of robotic transfemoral prosthetic systems.
The MOTU prosthesis will be equipped with active robotic joints and a novel smart socket, developed by means of innovative techniques and materials. MOTU prosthesis will be interfaced with the user by means of a bidirectional interface that is able to decode amputee’s movement intentions and provide him/her with an augmenting sensory feedback with the goal of enhancing the residual motor skills.
Moreover, a novel wireless wearable sensory system will be designed in order to record kinematic and electromiographic information embedded in the robotic prosthesis, shoes, socket and user’s clothes.

The whole MOTU system will be developed to improve four different efficiency levels: the amputee’s physical and cognitive efficiency (in order to reduce the effort required to perform locomotion-related activities in terms of metabolic consumption and cognitive resources), the comfort and acceptability of the prosthesis and the energetic efficiency of the active components of the system, in order to guarantee extended use of the prosthetic device in activities of daily living.

The goal of the MOTU system will be to restore, at least partially, transfemoral amputees’ mobility fostering the benefits of an improved motor activity by relieving the user from a physical and psychological disability status. Promoting mobility will enhance not only autonomy and social inclusion of the end user but also will improve the economic aspects of the healthcare system.
This project has a strong synergy with the activities carried out in the H2020 CYBERLEGs Plus Plus project.

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Principal Investigators:

Prof. Nicola Vitiello 
Ing. Angelo Davalli
Dot.ssa Simona Castellano