Joint laboratories


The "i‐Lab 4.0 – Connecting Machines and People” results from a collaboration between The BioRobotics Institute and the GE Oil & Gas.
This partnership is aimed at creating a centre of excellence focused on industrial robotics, able to match the most recent goals met with the Industry 4.0 program with the strong and well-consolidated know-how of the company and of the Institute. The resulting expertise will be delivered to the local area, the Tuscany Region, promoting technological advancements, competitiveness of resources and, finally, the economic growth.
The Joint Laboratory, fits the context of the Galileo project led by GE Oil & Gas, supported and funded by the Italian Government and by the Tuscany Region, which fosters the foundation of a centre of excellence in Italy able to develop innovative machines, the affirmation of digitizing and the training of a new generation of specialized engineers for the design of pioneering technologies and local industrialization.

The main activity is the design and realization of mechatronic systems for applications in the fields of welding and manufacturing (Oil & Gas sectors). 


Principal Investigators:

Prof. Cesare Stefanini
Francesco Saverio Chiari, GE Oil & Gas



i-Lab 4.0 - Connecting Machine and People
Viale Rinaldo Piaggio 34, Pontedera