Ethics Checks


Ethical Issues? Here we are!
The Biorobotics Institute
takes seriously the legal-ethical issues emerging from its research, including data protection, conformity to ethical standards in case of human participation, research misuse, environment, safety, dual use, IP and research data management, as essential elements of a scientific proposal and its implementation under both EU and non EU funding programmes.
Proper organizational and technical measures to ensure legal-ethical alignment with the current EU and national legal frameworks constitutes a priority in the whole lifecycle of our research.
A fruitful interdisciplinary collaboration with our colleagues, scholars, and experts from LIDER Lab (in our fellow Institute, Dirpolis) strengthens our strategies enabling an effective approach to the above-mentioned legal-ethical issues.

Over the years, the LIDER Lab team, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Esq. Giovanni Comandé has developed considerable theoretical and practical expertise in investigating the ethical-legal components related to the dignity of the individuals (e.g., for the protection of personal data, the risk of discrimination, the involvement of vulnerable individuals, informed consent and research policies), to their safety (environmental, security and safety issues for research participants and in general) and the security and management of information (e.g., profiles related to intellectual property, misuse, dual use, data management plans).

Scientific interests, competence & skills of LIDER Lab scholars coalesce in a research area ETHOS (EThics & law witH and fOr reSearch) which develops, within the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, the above-mentioned topics, ensuring, in particular, a continuous interplay with our research activities. ETHOS affiliates are members of ethical committees, ethical advisors for research projects, ethical and scientific experts for the EU, data protection officers, and privacy experts at national and international level.