Joint laboratories

BioRobotics for Parkinson disease Laboratory

The BioRobotics for Parkinson disease Laboratory focuses on prevention, monitoring and management of Parkinson's disease (PD) and its co-morbidities, from screening for pre-frailty states (e.g. subjects with idiopathic hyposmia), to early diagnosis, rehabilitation and assistance according to the level of the pathology.
The activities concern the combination of mHealth applications, cooperative ICTs, Cloud technologies and wearable / portable integrated devices, which empower patients to pursue healthy lifestyles and to manage their health and disease in cooperation with their formal and informal caregivers and with professional medical staff across different care settings and environments.

Principal Investigators:

Dott. Filippo Cavallo
Dott. Carlo Maremmani, MD PhD, Neurologist at Operative Unit of Neurology 



Ospedale Apuane di Massa – Massa - ASL Toscana Nordovest
Via Enrico Mattei, 21 – Massa