Inail Grants


The BioARM project is a research project promoted by the National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (INAIL). The partners of the project are The BioRobotics Institute of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome, and INAIL Prosthesis Center. The project aims to develop an innovative and completely portable upper-limb active orthosis, for patients having brachial plexus injury. Brachial plexus injury is often caused by motorcycle accidents, with potentially severe consequences on the motor and sensory functionalities. Current solutions often use passive support systems, which do not allow to improve the upper-limb functions. Thus, the objective of the BioARM project is the development of a solution to assist the patient during activities of daily living, and to foster the recovery of autonomy and independence.
The active orthosis will implement new strategies of motor assistance, combining the use of innovative actuators for the development of robotic joints, intelligence systems, and functional electrical stimulation. Moreover, the device will include innovative systems for sensory feedback, based on vibrotactile elements. The BioARM project will produce new scientific knowledge about wearable robotics, bioengineering and biorobotics.

Promoter: INAIL
Grant no.: PR19-RR-P3
Period: 2020-2023 (36 months)
Funding: 1.8 M€
Coordinators: Prof. Nicola Vitiello, Dr. Simona Crea, Prof. Christian Cipriani, Prof. Loredana Zollo, Dr. Marco Controzzi, Eng. Emanuele Gruppioni