Joint laboratories

ARCH - Advanced Research Centre on Healthcare automation

The ARCH - Advanced Research Centre on Healthcare automation stems from the collaboration between The BioRobotics Institute and Inpeco Group, the Swiss multinational leader in the design, development and production of automation systems for clinical analysis laboratories. The lab focuses on the development of innovative solutions in line with the principles of automation and industry 4.0. The collaboration consists in the development of a joint laboratory, where advanced automation and robotics systems will be developed to ensure total traceability of samples and data, thus making the analysis process more effective and removing the risk of human error. It is therefore an agreement aiming to develop technologies that support professionals in the analysis process and to reduce potentially dangerous diagnostic errors.
This collaboration will support the Institute in the development of a new research line called Advanced Laboratory Automation that will constructively combine the benefits of the scientific skills of researchers with the precision and repeatability of automated machines.


Marco Controzzi


Gian Andrea Pedrazzini


Marco ControzziGastone Ciuti, Leonardo Ricotti