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European Politics and Policy

With the conceptual baggage and analytical tools of both comparative politics and policy analysis, key questions on the transformation of the EU political system – in terms of input, throughput and output – are addressed. Among the substantive topics investigated, the Europeanisation of national political systems (and specifically Italy) in the post-pandemic context; the transformation of social policies (education, health and pension policies) in the EU and its member states, the democratic legitimacy of the EU political system, the impact of Brexit both on the EU and the UK political system, institutional and policy change in the EU.

Recent publications

  • Natali D. (2022). “COVID-19 and the opportunity to change the neoliberal agenda: evidence from socio-employment policy responses across Europe”. Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research. 28(1):15-30.
  • Guardiancich I. & D. Natali (2021) “German and Italian Pensions: Similar Roots, Different Reform Paths, Comparable Trajectories?”, German Politics, 30:3, 403-421
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  • Bressanelli, E. (2022). Towards a reform of the regulation of European political parties and political foundations. Brussels: European Parliament.
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