EU crises and Post-Brexit integration (CROSSROADS)


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March 21st, 2021

Learning Objectives

The Seasonal School aims to offer a critical, multi-disciplinary assessment of the current state of the European Union (EU) following the withdrawal of the United Kingdom (UK). Both the EU and the UK will enter uncharted territory in 2021 with Brexit and the end of the transition period. As this is the first case of withdrawal of a member state in the history of integration, different, alternative scenarios are all possible: from a ‘domino effect’ on other countries, reinforcing the wave of authoritarian populism in Europe, to the consolidation of a more differentiated Union. The multifaceted crisis of the EU, confirmed and amplified by the coronavirus epidemic, will be used to broadly reflect on the process of integration and key policy issues. By the end of the Seasonal School, students will be expected to:

  1. Critically analyse the key developments in the EU in the light of Brexit and other recent crises, and their multi-level and transnational implications;

  2. Gain an advanced understanding of EU politics, public policy and public and comparative law;

  3. Acquire transferable skills to work in EU institutions, think-tanks, interest groups, and in academia.

Teaching Methodologies

Teaching in the Seasonal School will be research-led, with the teaching staff consisting of scholars regularly publishing in leading journals and contributing to academic debates in the field. Classes will be a mix of lectures – aimed at enhancing the students’ knowledge about the key events and consequences of the process of Brexit – seminars and case-studies – where students will tackle key policy challenges (problem-based learning), by applying the concepts and using the tool-kit learnt in the module. EU practitioners will lead the case studies, bringing their own practical experience to the classroom.

Who should attend this Seasonal School?

Advanced Undergraduate, Postgraduate taught (Master) and PhD students with a background in the humanities or social sciences.


  • Dr. Edoardo Bressanelli
  • Prof. Giuseppe Martinico
  • Prof. David Natali

Key Teaching Staff


April 12th – 17th, 2021




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