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To be interested, captivated, involved. The guidance course will be accompanied by the Coach Mentoring service conducted by professionals chosen ad hoc, who will lead assessments and training activities for the development of skills that are particularly important towards sustaining employability, such as leadership, entrepreneurship, the ability to generate new ideas, creativity, and off-site and company meetings.

The "Career Mentoring" meetings favor contacts with alumni of the two Schools involved in various fields of work to provide a range as representative as possible of the professional prospects available at the end of the educational path. Alumni with both long-term professional experience (preferably with diversified career paths) and junior profiles (who can describe their recent job search experience and placement in the workplace) will be involved. Most of the meetings are scheduled for November 2020, to be carried out with two-day sessions, preferably over the weekend, to allow greater participation and availability both by alumni and participants.

The "Career Mentoring" meetings are not meant to be business presentations, but informal moments of exchange and personal interaction in which the representatives of the working world (Mentors) establish a relationship, that is meant to be both emotional and experiential, with the participants to transmit through their own professional stories, technical information, and practical hints and tips. This will be the phase of the second "E" of "Engage your mind" dedicated to the direct involvement of each participant in the project.