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Data Science

Data Science

Big data and modern methodologies enabling its analysis and modelling play an increasingly important role in research in all scientific domains, including the social sciences, and in supporting decision-making processes in both public and private sectors.
The increasing production of data and digital information requires the training of new professionals with interdisciplinary competences and skills, capable of tackling complex problems with state-of-the-art computing, statistics, and modelling techniques – and thus contribute to the activities of research centres, companies and public and private administrations.
Within this context, the Data Science Area aims to train graduates who combine knowledge on computing techniques and languages with knowledge on data analysis and modelling methodologies in the field of statistics and econometrics. The purpose is to exploit large and complex data in addressing the economic and social challenges of our time. In particular, the Data Science Area will provide master's graduates with advanced knowledge on:

  • data collection, processing, compression, and storage;
  • programming languages and methodologies for Data Science;
  • methodologies for mathematical analysis and statistical inference;
  • statistical learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence;
  • econometric and modelling techniques in support of decision making;
  • the regulatory context for data processing in Europe.

The Department of Excellence L’EMbeDS (Economics, Management and Law in the era of Data Science) and its interdisciplinary research community played an important role in the creation of the Data Science Area within the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna. Students follow a dual training path which includes a Master's Degree in a generalist university to be chosen from:

  • Master's Degree in Data Science & Business Informatics at the University of Pisa (LM-18, LM-DATA);
  • Master's Degree in Statistics & Data Science at the University of Florence (LM-82)

The training path is supplemented by internal courses and other activities offered by the School, which allow in-depth studies and further contribute to the quality of the learning process. The cultural and professional enrichment of the students is ensured through:

  • high quality internal courses, and training credits (ECTS) obtained through research projects;
  • continued and sustained exchanges with the School's interdisciplinary faculty;
  • exchange programmes with prestigious national and international universities;
  • conferences, workshops and lecture series of high scientific and intellectual value;
  • training internships in public and private Italian and foreign companies.