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Criminal Law, Economy, Transnational Dimension and Digital Transition


The Criminal Law, Economy, Transnational Dimension and Digital Transition area develops innovative and interdisciplinary research perspectives, characterized by a strong international vocation, concerning the transformations of criminal law which are connected to the globalization conditions (eg the rise of regulatory pluralism within the transnationals space) and the digital transition (eg the emerging of technologies, tools, digital environmental and Data Sciences usually referred to the Fourth Revolution).

Scientific activities are based on four research lines (Global Crime Control Governance, GCCG; Criminal Law, Digital Transition and Data Science; Criminal Law, Regulatory Revolution and Governance; Economic Crime, Corporate Liability and Compliance) all converging towards these core-themes:

  • Criminal Law Jurisdiction Pluralism, Legal Space Theory and Cyberjurisdiction
  • Criminal Law and the Transnational Regulatory Pluralism: inter-legality practices and global adjudication
  • Sustainability through Criminal Law Governmentality (SCLG): climate change, environment and integrity regulation
  • Transnational Space and Corporate Accountability