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Covid-19 updates

Update on anti-covid norms

Infosalute informs that the DR 382  of June 14, 2022 updates the anti-covid norms according to the current legislation (Legislative Decree 24/2022 and Ordinance of the Ministry of Health of 28/04/2022).

The new procedures state the following:

  • Students are not required anymore to provide a negative swab when they return to the campus. They still have to communicate departures and returns;

  • The library’s reservation system is no longer in place;

  • The canteen returns to its full capacity.

Furthermore, starting from June 16, 2022, the obligation to wear the mask is abolished. However, the use of masks is still recommended in crowded situations or in case it is not possible to maintain safety distance.

Update of the rules of access to the premises of the School and other measures

Infosalute informs that the D.R. 287 of May 6, 2022, having acknowledged the regulatory changes established by Legislative Decree 24/2022 and the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health of 28/04/2022, provides for the following updates of the safety procedures:

  • it is no longer necessary to show the Green Pass to access the premises and services of the School;
  • the maximum capacity of the premises has been restored to 100%;
  • the obligation to wear a mask, surgical or FFP2, in the enclosed spaces of the School as listed in art. 4 of the D.R. 287/2022.