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Undergraduate degrees require 3 years to complete, and postgraduate degrees require 2 years to complete, with the exception of the Law and Medicine Programs, which require 5 and 6 years respectively.

After being selected for admission, our students are required to enroll in the corresponding courses at the University of Pisa, and to pass all the exams for each academic year.

The Sant’Anna School aims to enhance student engagement and achievement with university activities centered which prepare graduates to excel in a global society.

The main goal of the Sant’Anna School is to improve student performance through high-quality professional educating. This is pursued and achieved through:

  • High quality, interdisciplinary course content;
  • Exchange programs with the world’s best universities;
  • Collaborative research through partnerships;
  • Quality apprenticeships, training and international mobility.

Within a year of completing their studies, students are required to defend their thesis in order to be awarded a First-Level Honors degrees Diplomas.