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Call for II level courses 2022-23 - Innovation Management

To enroll to the calls and submit an application according to the established terms, click here. Once you enrolled and you register your email and password, please log in and follow the instructions to apply (right menu, top right: Login/Student services/Applications/List of Pending Processes/complete application).

For problems you can contact: 

The Sant'Anna School announces a public competitive procedure for academic qualifications and examination for 2 places on II Level Honours Courses for the 2022-2023 academic year, on the following Master’s Degree Course: “Master Degree in Innovation Management” - organised in co-operation with the University of Trento.

Admission requirements and subimission deadline

.The competitive procedure is open to students who declare that they:

  • have submitted an application for admission to the first year of the following Master’s Degree Programme: “Master Degree in Innovation Management” at the University of Trento for the 2022-2023 academic year;
  • have gained the Degree envisaged for admission to the above-mentioned Programme, or undertake to obtain the Degree within 31st October 2022, or have an academic qualification obtained abroad, or undertake to obtain the academic qualification within the above-mentioned deadline;
  • have a certificate attesting a knowledge of the English language that corresponds to level B1.

Furthermore, candidates must have an arithmetic average of the marks of examinations taken in the Degree Course required for admission to the Master’s Degree programme of at least 27/30, or an equivalent mark for foreign candidates.

The deadline for submitting admission applications to the competitive procedure is 12 pm on August 26th, 2022.