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Call for I Level Courses and Single-Cycle Courses

The call for the First-level courses is published every year by the month of March and establishes the number of places according to the financial and logistic availability.


The Call for admission for the a.a. 2023/2024 is published.

The deadline for submission of applications is 12.00 hours on July 26th 2023. Applications are free of charge and must only be submitted on-line using the electronic procedure at the following link: Once registered in the system, and acquired your login and password by email, enter the registration portal with the credentials received and follow the instructions for submitting the application (access the registration portal from the drop-down menù at the top right: continue in the section "Student services" and then "Applications"; enter the procedure "Select type of Course" and select the competition for which you want to apply to proceed with the online application as indicated in the different screens). For technical problems, send and email to

IMPORTANT: at the end of the procedure, the candidate must receive a second email confirming the submission to the Call for admission. In case there is no receipt of this email, please note that the application has not been succesfull and that the candidate is not registered for the competition.

The Call for admission to undergraduate courses is published every year by march. The competition is divided into 3 steps: the Pre-selection (the TOLC or TOLC@casa test delivered by Consorzio Cisia and taken in any university delivering those tests requested by the Call for admission), two written tests and the oral test. Tests will be held in Italian.
Candidates for  Medical Sciences competition do not have to take the TOLC/TOLC@casaTo access the first year of Medical Sciences but  it is necessary that they pass the TOLC MED in order to  be included in the national ranking for access to the Single-Cycle Master's Degree course in Medicine and Surgery. The ranking position must be such as to be enrol at the University of Pisa. Specific requirements are indicated in the relevant Ministerali Decree that defines yearly the admission procedures to the Single-Cycle Master's Degree course in Medicine and Surgery.
Furthermore, candidates, after sumbittimg the application can request the reimbursement of the TOLC's costs incurred to pass the pre-selection. In fact, reimbursement is provided  for up to a maximum of two TOLC tests for those ones who present the ISEE with an income bracket of up to 22.000 euro.

Time and dates 

The deadline for submission of applications is 12.00 hours on July 26th 2023.
By January 31st 2023 is possible to submit the application at the following link:

To access the pre-selection tests, the condition to enrol is to have alreay taken the test TOLC or TOLC@CASA and reached the minimum thresholds set out in the Call for admission. To access Medical Sciences is not necessary to have alreayd take the TOLC MED.
Exams' descriptions and the calendar are already published in the Call for admission. Lists of candidates eligible for written test will be published on the istitutional website by August 2nd 2023.

Eligible candidates to enrol in the School are required to attend the welcome day at the beginning of October.

Academic faculties 

The Call for admission to undergraduate courses is divided into 4 academic fields: SOCIAL SCIENCES that includes Economics and Management, Legal Sciences and Political Sciences; AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE AND PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY, INDUSTRIAL AND INFORMATION ENGINEERING; MEDICAL SCIENCES for the Faculty of Experimental and applied sciences.

Subject areas 

Subject/Disciplinary Areas of the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and Degree Courses and Single-Cycle Master Degree Programmes at the University of Pisa that successful candidates are required to enrol in:


Economics and Management THREE-YEAR DEGREE COURSES:
University of Pisa:
Banking, finance and financial markets (class L-18), Business administration (class L-18), Economics and commerce (class L-33), Management for Business and Economics (class L-18)
University of Pisa:
Political sciences (class L-36)
University of Pisa:
Law (LMG-01)



Agricultural Science and Plant Technology THREE-YEAR DEGREE COURSES:
University of Pisa:
Agricultural Sciences (class L-25), Viticulture and Oenology (class L-26) Natural and Environmental Sciences - Environment curriculum (class L-32), Biotechnologies (class L-2)
Industrial and Information Engineering THREE-YEAR DEGREE COURSES:
University of Pisa:
Biomedical Engineering (class L-8), Electronic Engineering (class L-8), Computer Engineering (class L-8), Telecommunications Engineering (class L-8), Mechanical Engineering (class L-9), Energy Engineering (class L-9), Aerospace Engineering (class L-9), Industrial Design Engineering (L-9 L-4)
University of Pisa:
Medicine and Surgery (LM-41)