Publishing a deposited thesis


Self-archiving by the author of his/her document in an open access institutional archive represents one of the strategies (GREEN ROAD) promoted by the Open Access movement.

In 2004, at the time of the Messina conference on Open Access, the CRUI (Conference of Rectors of Italian Universities) promoted membership of the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities in order to support open access to scientific literature, in the hope that this gesture would constitute a first and important contribution made by Italian Universities to a broader and more rapid dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Open access institutional repositories ensure the storage, enhancement of scientific output, as well as the exchange and free circulation of research results.


Verify the policies of publishers in relation to self-archiving in institutional archives

If the author also intends to publish his/her work in a scientific journal, it is advisable to verify the terms and conditions foreseen by the publisher in order to publish the paper.

The SherpaRomeo database contains the official policies of most of the publishers regarding open access. For example, it provides information, for a specific publisher and a specific ejournal, as to whether the self-archiving of one’s own articles is permitted, in which version, if there are restrictions (period during which the article, although filed, is not visible from the outside), if the policies are compatible with the European or specific funding calls.

Not all publishers (above all Italian publishers) are included in SherpaRomeo; in this case it is advisable to verify the open access policy via the publisher’s website or to contact the publisher concerned directly.


And if filing in the institutional archive is not permitted?

In this case the author can negotiate an amendment to the contract. A series of clauses exist which can be added to the publishing contract through which the author retains for himself/herself the reuse rights for educational and publication purposes in an institutional archive.

You should also be aware that it is not necessary to transfer all the rights of economic use to the publisher in order to publish in a journal, magazine or monograph, but, however, the majority of standard contracts provide for such a transfer.