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About the Sant'Anna School

Conoscere la Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna


The Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna is a public university institute with special regulations that carries out its research and training activities in the field of applied sciences: Economic and Management Sciences, Legal Sciences, Political Sciences, Agricultural Sciences and Plant Biotechnology, Medical Sciences and Industrial and Information Engineering, but also, in an interdisciplinary perspective, data science, health and environmental sustainability.


The Higher Schools with a special system are defined as 'learning communities', i.e. public institutions called to enhance merit. These schools are characterised by the numerically privileged relationship between teaching staff and students, a strong research orientation, interdisciplinarity and a system of well-established national and international relations.


Established in 1987, the Sant'Anna School has established itself as a dynamic and highly innovative reality. The School is able to take up the challenges of advanced research and at the same time maintain the prerogatives of a university institution dedicated to the enhancement of merit


The Sant'Anna School is the expression of a community that promotes and encourages, in its various components, the elaboration and transmission of critical knowledge. The objective is social and personal development, inspired by the values of social and environmental sustainability, inclusion, social mobility and responsibility.

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